Commercial Corridor Improvements for Fishtown with the New Kensington Community Development Corporation (NKCDC), 2013.

We imagine brighter futures, then build them.  

We are a full-service architecture, design, and planning firm based on the East Market Corridor in Philadelphia.  Supported by a fabrication shop, our design studio is prepared to equally engage the practical, theoretical, material, and experiential qualities of the field of architecture.

Our work encompasses scales large and small, from pieces of finely-crafted furniture, to carefully-constructed renovations of historic buildings, to commercial corridor improvement plans, to dense urban multi-family residential dwellings.  Though the types of projects in which our practice engages are varied, they share a common goal to engage their contexts, sites, and specific needs in a thoughtful, responsible, and joyful manner. We do not see constraints as obstacles, but as opportunities to develop a meaningful response to the issues at hand. 

Our work strives to make the communities in which projects are sited better places to call home. Through their programs, sensitivity to context, and inventive spirit, our buildings offer their users and neighbors extraordinary experiences in their daily lives.

6mm is a design-oriented firm practicing at the intersection of architecture, fabrication, and research based in Philadelphia. With experience serving clients in the mission-driven, residential, retail, and academic realms, Studio 6mm operates with agency to improve communities, develop gracious environments to call home, and create meaningful spaces that elevate the daily rituals of life in urban settings. Whether working at the scale of a single family home, planning a highly-specialized facility for academic research, or developing a plan to reinvigorate an entire neighborhood, Studio 6mm works diligently to develop carefully considered solutions to the problems of contemporary life.

Studio 6mm is founded on the principle that precision matters.  Carefully crafted, exquisitely executed, and thoughtfully considered environments are what we do best.  We imagine brighter futures, and we look forward to building them with you.