Brian Szymanik and David Quadrini are pleased to announce the latest iteration of our work together as our business evolves and name changes to Studio 6mm.  The name change aligns with the firm’s consistent growth and increasing need to diversify the wide range of services we offer while building additional capacities we plan to expand upon in the future.

 The rebranding of the firm comes at a strategic moment in the continued development of our work as we begin a strategic alliance with Paul Steege & Associates Architects.  This relationship will strengthen and expand upon both firms' shared experiences serving non-profits, institutional, commercial, and residential clients while designing environments for higher education, cooperative food organizations, multi-family housing, and highly specialized facilities for various fields of research.

 Studio 6mm will continue our good work in architecture, design, community planning, and material-driven research.  The studio will operate with agency to improve our communities, further the practice of architecture in our city, and develop stronger ties to industry.  Studio 6mm is founded on the principle that precision matters.  Carefully crafted, exquisitely executed, and thoughtfully considered environments are what we do best.  We still imagine brighter futures, and we look forward to building them with you.