North Cadwallader Street Residence 

New Construction Single-Family Housing in Historic South Kensington.

Taking advantage of the growing popularity of the South Kensington neighborhood in Philadelphia, this 2,200 square foot single family residence seeks to develop a rich conversation between domestic space, the landscape, and the city. Utilizing sustainable design strategies, copious amounts of natural light, and natural ventilation throughout, the 20’ wide house allows for a gracious home on the site of an abandoned automotive mechanic shop in this formerly industrial zone. A central stair runs parallel to the street allowing for living space to occupy the full width of the generous lot on the first floor. The second floor pulls back from the south party wall to allow for a two story volume that connects the front door to the back yard. Living spaces on the second floor include a kitchen, dining area, and living room in an open plan that maximizes natural light and expansive views across the interior. Bed rooms on the third floor take advantage of a sawtooth roof form, exterior balconies, and views across the neighborhood. This project was completed in 2016 with AY Industries and Six Stone LLC development companies.