Horsham Granny Pod 

Senior Living in Style in a Former Detached Garage

Across the nation, there is a growing trend that finds seniors moving in with their children into what has been coined an Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) or ‘Granny Pod.’ Often called an “In-Law Suite,” ADU’s seek to solve an age-old problem: how to care for aging family members in close proximity while providing an independent life for both the family and the senior. This project re-purposed a detached garage and turned it into an open-plan one bedroom, one bath, apartment. Designed to take best advantage of the existing 700 square feet of interior space, this apartment exposes the original structure of the garage to create a double height volume that connects to a series of skylights. Maximizing natural ventilation and daylight, the apartment is designed to reduce annual heating and cooling costs through a well-insulated building envelope, careful location of openings, and orientation on the site. The interiors are designed with accessibility and safety at the forefront to allow for gracious aging in place. A front porch connected to the property’s back yard allows for frequent interaction with the extended family.