Emergency Disaster Services Command Center

A New Hub for Emergency Disaster Services (EDS) for the Salvation Army In Philadelphia

The Disaster Relief Services Group at the Salvation Army provides support to communities-in-need through seven primary means: training, food service, emotional care, emergency communications, disaster social services, donations management, and recovery. The Emergency Disaster Services (EDS) Command Center will serve as a regional hub for this outreach work housing administrative functions, a network operations center, food preparation facilities, warehouse storage for emergency food and water supplies, garage space for mobile food distribution vehicles (canteens), and multipurpose spaces.

The Mid-Atlantic EDS Group has provided support to large-scale regional events as well as national crises including Philadelphia’s Papal visit in 2016, Hurricane Sandy, and Hurricane Katrina, among others. The new building is designed to help broadcast the good work the Salvation Army performs in its community. Taking advantage of a prime urban intersection on Fairmount Avenue between 13th and North Broad Streets, the building is planned to utilize natural daylighting and passive ventilation strategies. The project is seeking LEED Certification through the US Green Building Council.